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We already established in a previous post how important is to implement high quality on-site SEO techniques, and we received some amazing advice from industry experts. Now, it's time to shed some light on some off-site SEO tips.

So what is off-site SEO? Search engines measure the popularity of your website not only using keywords and optimization, but also by the amount and quality of websites that are linking to your site.

How do you build and enhance those links? Below are a few tips from some of the biggest names in the SEO community:

  1. Kelly Stratton, Altitude Marketing

“Google has stated that it uses more than 200 factors to rank a web page, but which are the most important? There is one thing virtually all experts agree upon: The number and quality of links coming into your site is near the top of the list.”

  1. Mark Walters, SEO Consultant

“Contact companies and bloggers with relevant (but non-competing) websites. Publish content on their websites which links back to your website.”

  1. Robin Burton, SEO SiteCheckup

“Social media platforms are used to build brand awareness, establish authority on a topic, and of course, to drive traffic to your website. If you do not have an account, set up one on relevant platforms. If you have accounts already, take time to learn how to use them most effectively.”

  1. Rolando Herrera, Fort Lauderdale Web Design Examiner

“Directories like Yellow Pages, Foursquare, and Yelp can actually place you quite high on the search engine.”

  1. Steve Morgan, Freelance SEO Consultant

“If you run multiple startups and/or multiple sites, make sure that they’re all linking to each other, whether it’s from the blog roll, footer links or somewhere else (e.g. About pages). It’s usually a quick win, something you have 100% control over implementing yourself.”

  1. Jason Ferguson, Content Strategist - Dell

“Building hundreds or thousands of links back to your site over a short period of time will raise red flags. Do not pursue links for the sake of having more backlinks; carefully select sites that are relevant to your business and build your link profile slowly and deliberately.”

  1. David Sottimano, VP Strategy at Define Media Group, Inc.

“Links are still the most important external ranking factor in Google’s algorithm, and it pays off to adopt a culture where everyone is responsible for marketing. Ask for links from friends, customers, business partners and encourage employees to reference the company website wherever they can (social media profiles for example).”

  1. Pablo Palatnik,

“If you think images don’t play a role, think again. When many consumers search for products in the search engines, not only are they looking at the ‘Web‘ results, but they’re also looking at the ’Images‘ results.”

  1. Matt Smith, Online Income Teacher

“You can actively participate in answering questions on sites like Yahoo Answers. By answering and asking relevant questions on your site niche, you help to build up your reputation as someone that is an expert in your chosen field. You can place a link to your website in the source section if necessary so that people can easily find your site. If you don’t spam, this is another great way to increase your link popularity.”

  1. Darren Rowse, ProBlogger

“Increasingly, bloggers are starting or joining blog networks to enjoy the benefits of multiple sites and writers working together. One of the advantages of networks of sites is that they usually link to one another. In doing so, you have complete control over how your sites are linked to from multiple domains.”


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