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You know what’s great about Chuck Norris (except…well…everything)? His secret weapon! Sure, he has a roundhouse kick that can add another dimension to the space-time continuum, but did you hear about his secret grenade? He once threw it and killed 500; then, it exploded.

With KeyScouts, you too, can have access to a secret weapon that can empower your inbound marketing efforts and take them to levels only experienced by the likes of Chuck Norris.

That secret weapon is the content marketing grenade.

Allow me to explain.

Throwing the grenade is the equivalent of you using our content creation and SEO work. It is powerful and can knock out your competition while it raises your SERP rankings. The content simultaneously speaks to your target personas, addresses their pain points, and acclaims your product benefits and USPs – AND strategically helps the Googlebots make your content rank higher on Google's SERPs for relevant keywords to funnel organic traffic to your site.

While this content creation and SEO work is second to none, there is a little something extra to give it an additional oomph.

Once the content is crafted and optimized, the grenade explodes, which is the equivalent of KeyScouts’ Outreach and PPC activities.


By participating in our outreach program, you can leverage top-tier sites in your industry to tell your story. Whether your story is right for TechCrunch, Forbes, or Venture Beat, you can count on us to have the connections to get it told to the right audience at the right time.

Guest blogging is not just writing the same story a different way. Guest blogging involves identifying the right sites, pitching the right contacts, and creating the content that fits their audience. These external publications deliver valuable information to readers, a valuable link for search engines and users alike, and valuable traffic (and eventual conversions!) for you.

(Can Chuck Norris do that?)

With outreach, your content is delivered to more members of your target audience in a way that builds your reputation as a thought leader and trusted advisor. Often, these top-tier site placements result in impressive improvements in SERP ranking and a notable increase in relevant traffic to the site.

Here are some examples of guest blog posts we have obtained for clients who have used our outreach weapons:


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

To expand your reach further, you can opt to have us manage your pay-per-click advertising campaigns on multiple search engines. PPC, in conjunction with SEO work, expedites results and enable us to quickly pinpoint the right keywords to focus on before investing resources in organic search engine optimization.

This secret weapon includes:

  • A discovery phase, in which we drill down into concise understanding of your business, your offering, your targets, your competitors, and more
  • Formulating a plan for keyword research and continuing the iterative process of understanding how your audience searches
  • Setting up and managing your accounts with search engine marketing providers, continuously monitoring daily max spend, match type, countries, time zones, and more
  • Expert formulation of your SEM ads (titles and descriptions – or graphics, when needed) to optimize for clicks and conversions
  • Working with you to optimize landing pages and create a solid funnel to convert the SEM traffic into revenue for your business
  • Ongoing tracking, monitoring and recommendations for improvements
  • Monthly reports that clearly explain your campaign effectiveness, your expenses, and the return on investment (ROI)

YOUR secret weapon

The beauty of it all is that the secret weapon is different for each company. Maybe you want to see top of funnel growth with an increase in relevant traffic to the site. Or perhaps you prefer a focus on optimizing the funnel to convert more of that traffic. It is possible that you would like a hybrid approach. Whatever your goals are, we take the time to understand your specific use case and your measures for success.

Bottom line: the weapons in our arsenal can be tailored to suit your needs. And we will continually fight for the results you aim for with our content marketing secret weapon….Chuck Norris style! 

Take advantage of another of our highly effective weapons and contact us for a free SEO positions report, today.

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