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It’s that time of year again, where we can take a break and share some special time with friends and family. It’s also a time to take stock of the year gone by and ponder what we can look forward to in the year to come.

Season’s Greetings from KeyScouts

In many ways, 2021 was a challenging year as the world continued to contend with the challenges of the Coronavirus which changed the way we live our lives and do business. As a result of travel restrictions, lockdowns and physical distancing, many educational institutions, cultural events and businesses went online.

For some, this was a first-time sojourn into the online world, while for others it was about pivoting and expanding existing online operations by devoting additional resources to websites, blogs, social media and of course SEO.

Looking Back

Our ongoing investment and real-life experience with the latest SEO and digital marketing tools, certainly came in handy, enabling quick results for our clients across a wide range of emerging technologies.

On the content side, we continued to supply our clients with high-quality cost-effective content to support our  SEO and inbound marketing efforts. With great care, we were able to build a strong content creation team leveraging both in-house and freelance resources.

Taking Stock

Using our tried and tested methodologies, while paying close attention to technical details, we were are able to show some good results over a relatively short period of time. This served to gain the trust of our clients, and indicate to our SEO experts that the actions we were taking actually resulted in improved search results and quality traffic for our customers.

We are pleased to share our accomplishments for the last half of 2021 where we delivered these results for a select group of new and existing clients over a 6 month period:

Graph of KeyScouts Results4


We were also very fortunate to participate in the journey of our start-up clients who raised over $100 million, and in some cases, even achieved "Unicorn" status. 

Towards the Future

While we made a significant contribution to our client’s online marketing efforts last year, we are looking forwards to an even more exciting and successful 2022. This includes exploring the latest technologies and recruiting specialized resources to push our clients’ success even further.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the amazing KeyScouts team. We have assembled not only a top-notch group of professionals, but a real team who works together to achieve our goals in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible - including visits to boutique wineries as required ;-)

As we reflect on the year gone by and renew our hopes for the year to come, the team at KeyScouts wishes our customers, partners and suppliers a wonderful holiday season full of optimism for a joyous, healthy and happy 2022.

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About Tomer Harel

Tomer Harel is founder and CEO of KeyScouts, and co-founder of He has been practicing Internet marketing for over a decade, helping hundreds of businesses to thrive online. If you'd like to contact Tomer or have him speak at a conference, meeting or event, please drop him a line via email (tomer.harel at keyscouts dot com).

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