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We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again — your business needs marketing automation.  Based on research by Liana Technologies, if used correctly, marketing automation can have many benefits. According to the survey respondents:

  • 68.5% believe it improves message targeting  
  • 45.9% thinks it enhances the customer experience
  • 37.7% feels it improves the quality leads and 34.9% believe it increases the number of leads
  • 32.9% feel it improves your marketing ROI and efficiency

Are you ready to jump on the marketing automation bandwagon?

If yes, the next thing you have to decide is if you should work directly with a marketing automation platform such as HubSpot, or if you should license the platform through a HubSpot Partner Agency.

In either case, you’ll gain direct access to all the benefits of marketing automation, but you’ll either have to do it all yourself or gain the expertise of professionals who can walk you through every step of the process.

For more information or to start using the HubSpot marketing automation  platform, contact ustoday.

Before you make a final decision, let us walk you through the benefits of working with a HubSpot Partner Agency.


Save Money

Marketing automation isn’t cheap, and it shouldn’t be. It comes with a range of tools, features, and interfaces that can be tricky to navigate as you get started, so that deserves a high price tag. However, when you work with a HubSpot Partner Agency, the cost isn’t as steep:

Waived Onboarding Fee

When you first sign up for HubSpot, there’s a $3,000 onboarding fee. This initial charge covers the cost of system implementations, 90 days of support, advice on integrating your CRM, and help with your first inbound campaign. It’s a comprehensive, if expensive, startup service.

However, when you hire a HubSpot Partner Agency, the fee is waived, and your support lasts far past the first 90 days.

Cheaper than Employee Salary

You also save money with a Partner Agency by gaining expertise in handling HubSpot without the need to hire a new employee. A full-time employee not only has a high salary, but you also have to pay for onboarding costs, benefits, healthcare, 401K, and more. This adds up far more a month than the cost of a Partner Agency.

The reality is that your current team probably won’t be able to take advantage of all the benefits of using HubSpot without an in-depth knowledge of the software and lots of available time. So, unless you want to spend the money to hire a dedicated HubSpot employee, a Partner Agency is a much more affordable choice. They’ll give you everything you could need to take advantage of HubSpot without the high price tag.


Get Expert Guidance

As we already stated above, HubSpot is not marketing automation software that you can download and set up in just a few minutes. It’s complicated software that takes weeks to install and months to learn. It requires a high level of expertise to get it right.

HubSpot Setup and Implementation

A HubSpot Partner Agency works with you from the very beginning to set up and implement HubSpot correctly, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. You get expert guidance on how to use the platform on a day-to-day basis, far past the initial 90 days of onboarding you get with HubSpot. Agencies spend hours learning how to maximize their use of HubSpot, becoming certified experts, and you get all the advantages of all that training and heavy lifting.


Marketing Expertise

By working with an agency, you also gain access to experts on all things marketing-related. Not only will the agency help you with your marketing automation, but they can also help you develop inbound marketing strategies, take advantage of sales enablement, create effective campaigns, implement content strategies, and more.

Basically, you gain access to unlimited marketing resources that can help you expertly optimize and execute a full marketing strategy.

Take advantage of a HubSpot Partner Agency's marketing expertise. Contact us  today to learn more and get started.


Save Time

When you choose to work with HubSpot directly, you have to be prepared to invest a lot of time into the platform. In particular, setup and implementation will take a lot of man-hours to get started. You’ll have to set aside at least one of your current employees to work with the HubSpot team to learn everything they can during those first 90 days. It’s a serious time commitment.

However, when you hire a Partner Agency, they take care of the onboarding for you. They don’t require training to be effective at HubSpot; they’ve already learned what they need to know to be effective. They can get your business set up quickly with no additional time investment required by your marketing team.

Account Support

Once you get HubSpot setup, a Partner Agency will stay by your side to help you handle every issue and problem. They’ll be your partner for workflows, sales pipelines, software questions, and more. And because they have a direct line to HubSpot resources, when there’s a problem, they can help you fast!

You won’t have to worry about being stuck on hold, or sending messages to HubSpot back and forth. The Partner Agency will take care of any issues and will offer you direct contact with HubSpot Support for a faster and more thorough resolution to all of your problems. In addition, you’ll have access to your Partner Agency’s collateral materials, which offer additional marketing insight without getting HubSpot involved.

The Bottom Line

HubSpot is a powerful marketing automation tool that is beneficial for almost every business, but it can be a challenge to use effectively. However, by hiring a HubSpot Partner Agency such as KeyScouts, you can save time and money while getting the expertise you need to take advantage of your investment.

KeyScouts has helped numerous companies get started with HubSpot, ensuring that their onboarding and implementation went smoothly and quickly. And we’ve helped those same companies maintain and use their HubSpot platforms to the best of their ability, so they can enjoy the full benefits of marketing automation.

If that sounds like something you could use, we’d be happy to help you, too. Contact us today!

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