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No matter what you do, no matter what your background is - passive income is a global dream of every household. To be able to quit your job, do what you really like, and live a better life in our material world is definitely something most of us crave. The big question is how? Where to start?

The Internet revolution is truly remarkable for so many reasons. But I think that more than anything - it has brought people together and has really made our world smaller in that sense.

When you think about passive streams of income, the online world stands out above all other.


Because it is available for all. No big investment is required and you can manage it from anywhere in the world. There is no other industry that enables you to earn so much money under these terms.

So how is it done you ask?

I think one of the biggest challenges we face is what NOT to do. The Web is so full of misleading information, people trying to sell you a system for making quick money online, blinding you with 6 figure salaries and false promises of get-rich-quick schemes.

Personally, I believe in keeping things simple. It always worked for me in the past and whenever I am not sure about something, I take a step back and try to simplify things until I can clearly see the road ahead of me. Applying this principle here is no different.

Introducing Site Build It! (SBI)


Through all my years of experience online I have seen countless solutions that all promised to make the dream come true. Very few delivered. One product or I should say system that stood high above everything else is called SBI (Site Build It!). It is the most comprehensive system I know that can take basically anyone, regardless of any technical skills, and guide them through the entire process of making a profitable website. Hard work, yes - but what a fun ride it is, especially when you get the first check.

We use SBI at KeyScouts to build our online assets and it is truly an outstanding concept, integrating all the tools and knowledge you need in one easy-to-use environment. If you want to give it a try - check the SBI video tour and see for yourself.

Whatever you decide, don't let your dream go to waste by doing nothing. Act now and start building your freedom and independence.

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Tomer Harel is founder and CEO of KeyScouts, and co-founder of He has been practicing Internet marketing for over a decade, helping hundreds of businesses to thrive online. If you'd like to contact Tomer or have him speak at a conference, meeting or event, please drop him a line via email (tomer.harel at keyscouts dot com).

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