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The question, "Can SEO be automated?" is one that many people wonder about. 

The short answer is: Yes, it can and there are many tools that are designed to do it. 

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But, the long answer (the one you're better off listening to) is that automated SEO has a limited role in a complete B2B SEO strategy.

Leaving your entire strategy in the hands of a robot will not yield optimal results and can actually be damaging. Unless, you use automation for very specific tasks. Using automated tools can help lighten your work load and do a more dilligent job when it comes to performing keyword research, site audits, or creating reports. 

However, developing marketing plans based on:

  • Target audience personas
  • Analyzing competitive intelligence
  • Relating to publications and influencers
  • Making decisions based upon the data gathered

can, and should, only be conducted by humans. 

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