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When you are searching for a lead generation solution provider, there are many factors to consider and evaluate. What are the top qualities you should look for when you are deciding which one to partner with? Here are the 7 factors that will end up making the difference between a successful partnership vs. a complete disaster.

1. Transparency

If the agency you choose to work with is going to be a true partner, they will be completely open and honest with you, whether the news they bear is good, bad, or ugly. There should be no surprises. You should know what their plans are, how they expect to achieve their goals for your business, and how to measure the success or failure of their work.

Things may not go as planned all the time (and many times they won’t), hence many agencies master the skill of turning a negative picture into a positive one by exposing only the good stuff and sugarcoating the bad. Beware of this phenomenon.  

2. Integrity, professionalism, and respect

The way an agency goes about their business is also very important. If your account manager told you that your number of Twitter followers had gone up by 325%, you would be ecstatic and thrilled with your choice of lead generation solution provider, right?  But, how would you feel if you found out that they had paid for those followers? You might feel deceived and foolish for choosing to work with such an unethical agency.

The agency you partner with will be acting on your behalf, so it’s critical that they do so with class.

Likewise, your interactions with them should be built on the same platform of integrity, professionalism and respect.

3. Always looking for new ways to improve

The only constant factor in the online marketing services industry is that things always change. What worked 10 years ago probably won’t work today. So, if an agency doesn’t update their techniques and methods, how are they going to deliver results for you?

They must constantly strive to improve, adopt new techniques and integrate new tools. You want them to be ahead of the curve and always looking to innovate.

If they are willing to try new things and (ethically) experiment to achieve results, it shows that they care about your business and are working hard for you. It will also place you in a position that is a lot harder to compete with.

4. Enthusiasm

The people you will work with should be enthusiastic about your partnership and about your success. If you send your account manager an email, you don't want days to pass by before it is finally answered. Your agency should be available to take your calls and happy to speak to you.

If you sense enthusiasm is lacking, you should be concerned and act to change that ASAP.

5. Close collaboration

Ideally, your lead generation solution provider will act as your company's de facto in-house marketing team. They should know about upcoming events, product changes, industry trends, etc. They should come to your office occasionally to meet with you, or at least schedule regular phone or video calls to discuss your account, your campaigns, your content, and even your recent vacation.

In turn, you should be aware of everything they are doing for your company. If they have a content marketing strategy, know what it is and provide input. Discuss the projects and plans that are in the pipeline and monitor the results with your account manager. You should feel like your account manager is just down the hall from your office instead of in another city, state or even country.

6. Quality over quantity

Most providers face pressure to deliver results, and so they look to deliver quantity as opposed to quality. Having quantity at the expense of quality is of zero value to you. You want your lead generation solution provider to deliver the most relevant leads - the ones that have the best chances of converting into customers. Ideally, your agency would deliver a large quantity of high-quality leads, but the first goal should be to focus on a strategy to generate high-quality leads and then see how the quantity can be increased, if possible.

7. High level of commitment and service

The agency that you choose to work with should be committed to you - their client - and to achieving excellence on your behalf. Ultimately, they should aim to provide you with the leads that are going to form the foundation of your business for the years to come. They should want to continue to strive to do this, month after month and year after year, as your success is their success.

Do you have any questions about how these 7 qualities can help your business?  Feel free to contact us at KeyScouts, today, and we will be happy to discuss it with you!

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