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You know the importance of customer loyalty. You understand that loyal, returning customers are more profitable for your business in the long-run than new customers. You’ve explored the various tactics you can implement for increasing loyalty levels—and there are many.

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But what are the tools that will help you strengthen customer loyalty?

If you’re ready to invest in keeping your customers loyal to you, here are the five must-have tools for building B2B customer loyalty that will help you get the job done.

1. Motivforce


Motivforce creates and designs cutting-edge B2B loyalty programs. But they don’t just create a one-size-fits-all solution. They recognize that loyalty programs needs to be tailored to each client’s specific objectives and budget, which is why they utilize PhD level research and behavioral analytics to create their innovative programs. Their variety of services include:

  • Loyalty Programs, Spiffs and Channel Incentives
  • Rewards, Redemption Catalogues and Concierge Services
  • Incentive Travel, Recognition Events and Meetings

Engage and motivate your customers with fresh B2B loyalty program designs that are created by professionals.

2. CloudShare


Improving B2B loyalty rates relies on providing an optimized customer experience that makes your customers feel as though you truly understand and cater to their needs. CloudShare, a provider of premium virtual training environments, does just that. Their solution helps software companies enhance their training quality, which improves how well students learn the software and increases the probability that users will actually use the software in their daily work.

Two of the many benefits of CloudShare are that they provide:

  • An environment where software companies can offer their clients training anywhere, anytime. Not only when they’re in a classroom.
  • A safe environment to do hands-on training with a simulated product without worrying about impacting the live software. This allows them to get real-life experience without being able to do any harm accidentally.

The competence of the users in operating the software in effect, increases customer satisfaction, loyalty, and software subscription renewal rates.

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3. HubSpot CRM

hubspot crm.png

What if you had the power to gather actionable insights from a software that provides you with a wealth of customer data, at a moment’s notice. HubSpot CRM is just the tool for that. It was built to help businesses deal with customer issues in order to offer better services to them. But there are many CRM’s out there. What makes HubSpot unique is that it allows you to manage all aspects of your online marketing under one roof including client nurturing through email campaigns, which is one of the best tools in building customer loyalty.

Using HubSpot CRM can be used to maintain customer loyalty, because of the troves of customer information you can extract with their seamless and intuitive interface, such as:

  • How long customers have been with you
  • What products/services they have purchased
  • How often they have made purchases, and
  • How many times they have upgraded their services during the life cycle of a product

This information will guide in you designing a business strategy geared towards ensuring long-term growth. You can use these insights to plan targeted loyalty marketing campaigns. For example, sending email newsletters to specific groups of customers informing them about new products and services, or updating them on existing services you know they are interested in.

The software also enables you to provide the highest level of customer service because it effectively manages every interaction you have with your contacts. And we all know that great customer service is a huge driver of customer loyalty!

4. Spectoos


Your clients will feel honored and delighted when you highlight and acknowledge them, by placing their testimonials on key areas of your website. Showing them that you value their opinion will help you keep them loyal, while inspiring other clients like them to stay loyal to you as well. This social proof—the “I’ll have what he’s having” mentality—is a crucial tool for helping increase your customer loyalty.

Spectoos is the best tool for displaying and managing client testimonials. The Spectoos Faceboard offers a unique, visually appealing display of your testimonials that incorporates your reviewers’ picture and social media profile.

Improving your B2B customer loyalty rates can be a big undertaking, so why not take all the help you can get? The five tools we’ve introduced here will make your work exponentially easier while driving your desired results faster. And, if you need even more help you can always outsource the job to dedicated professionals, like KeyScouts.

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